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Based on diagnostics, we create individual therapeutic and rehabilitative care for children with disabilities. With respect to the disability issues and related needs, we take care of children and their families on a long-term basis. We try to provide further help, especially at the University Hospital Motol as well as at children’s homes. We support these children in ensuring their rights to social and medical care, and in their integration into schools and society in general.

Individual care is basical principle

Doctors and experts in our center focus on the issues of children disabilities, especially those with combined handicaps. They work in such a way that the „special needs“ of such children and their families are met. Since the problems of disabled children are not only of a health nature, it is necessary to combine medical, social and pedagogical care. The entire program is based on an individual approach to each child and pays attention to his/her specific needs.

Our day-care programs:

  1. Social-pediatric guidance center – for children with disabilities or developmental disorders from 1 to 18 years of age. Our pediatricians perform diagnostics, propose further therapy and coordinate further care.
  2. Complex care guidance center for newborns at risk – In this center we provide monitoring of children, discharged from the NICU of the neonatal department, in collaboration with neonatal department, child neurology clinic and clinic of rehabilitative medicine. Doctors from those clinics observe children’s health condition and development till the end of their first year of life.
  3. Ergotherapy – This guidance center focuses on individual support for the development of fine motor skills, abilities of concentration, movement coordination, etc. in children.
  4. Guidance center for excessive crying infants – This guidance center focuses on the issues of restive and excessive crying newborns and infants. Our trained psychologist attends to families and also uses a video-analysis of interactions.
  5. Early care – The basis idea of this guidance center is special pedagogical guidance in child’s home environment. It is designated for children from infant to pre-school age. Work of this center takes place at child’s home environment. It consists of meaningful games as well as developing the child’s communication skills and his/her self-reliance.

The head of this department is MUDr. M. Kašparová (tel.: 224 433 790, 224 433 791)

You can find our out-patient unit in Pavilion 15 in the older part of the hospital, above the southern reception.


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