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The center of multidisciplinary care for children with perinatal stress at Motol University Hospital

Basic project identification

Project title:   Multidisciplinary Care Center for Children with Perinatal Risk Situation in University Hospital Motol

Project Registration number:         NF-CZ11-OV-1-017-2015

Program provider:   Ministry of Finance

Program partnter:    Ministry of Health

Program:       CZ11 – „Initiatives in Public Health"

Activity:         II. Childcare

Project Start Date:   1. 3. 2015 

Date of Project Implementation Completion:       30. 4. 2016

Project investigator: Complex care center for children with developmental disorders and thein families, Motol University Hospital 

Project budget (CZK):

Total budget:             6 351 497 Kč (100%)

Grant:                         5 081 197 Kč (80%)

Own contribution:      1 270 300 Kč (20%)

Project is not implemented in partnership with donor state. 

The project aim is to improve the quality of perinatal care in University Hospital Motol. Intensive monitoring the health and development of children with perinatal risks. Create an algorithm coordinating specialized departments. Improvement of investigative methods, especially for early age children using newly acquired equipment. Providing advice to parents of children with various manifestations of perinatal stress and thereby improve secondary prevention and tertiary prevention.

The medical instruments which will be purchased will be need for the diagnosis of vision, Pneumology and gastroenterological examination of young children and rehabilitation instruments. In addition to the costs associated with the purchasing medical devices, the project budget includes the cost of training and education of medical staff and the cost for necessary publicity. This project is supported by Norway grants.

The project is designed for children who were born at the University Hospital Motol – Prague and their condition after birth requires additional professional monitoring.

It relies on specialized outpatient components cooperating within the framework of the project. Individual experts as pediatricians, neonatologists, pneumologist, gastroenterologist, neurologist, ophthalmologist, audiology nurse, physiotherapists and psychologists from different clinics are involved in the monitoring of children diagnosed with prematurity or otherwise critically ill newborns - infants. These children need the follow - up in special care and supervision of their health status and development. The basic care for children with perinatal risks takes place in two ambulances of the Center, the other professionals examine the children in their own ambulances. The report of the examination is completed and goes to the practitioner and to the parents.

Children released from ICU of the neonatology department are observed during the 1st year of life usually in four terms. The examinations focused on the health, growth and development are carried out in a clinic at the same time by pediatrician, neonatologist and physiotherapist. This ensures the objectivity of the investigation and proper involvement of therapy. The important part is the interview with the parents - involves nutrition, therapy, vaccination, etc. This examination is complemented by examination of other experts, according to the individual needs of a child. Children who have serious health problems or developmental delay are recommended after the 1st year of age to the care of the Child Development Center.

At the 2nd year of gestational age all children with perinatal risks are invited to the control examination. The pediatrician evaluates medical history, assess the health and growth of a child and psychologist investigates it´s psychomotor development. The other experts as ophthalmologist, pneumologist, gastroenterologist and neurologist are involved in individual cases. When needed measures of secondary prevention are being implemented as physiotherapy, occupational therapy.

At the 5th year of age we intent to invite the children with the prematurity under the 30th gestational week and/or with the birth weight under 1500g. The examination in the same way it is done by a pediatrician and a psychologist. If necessary, other experts are also involved in investigative procedures - see above. Testing the children is a part of secondary prevention -
eg. to assess the suitability of starting school attendance. Implementing the occupational therapy we can help the children improve fine motor skills, concentration of attention needed for school education. The interview with the parents is an obligatory part of the investigation.

Information about the EEA and Norway Grants: www.norwaygrants.com

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