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Project : Multidisciplinary Center  for Children with Perinatal  Stress

The project is supported by Norway Grants .  It  aims to improve  the quality of perinatal care  for the infants   born at  the University hospital Motol,   to  intensify the monitoring  of health and development of these  children. The multidisciplinary team  in cooperation with other professionals brings new examination methods using new acquired  equipment  and to offer more information and support to the parents of children born at risk.

The children are followed up during  the  first year of age in our outpatient clinic,  usually four times during the one year period. The neonatologist, pediatricians and physiotherapists participate examinations regularly.  Other experts are investigating  the children as needed/ pneumology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, audiology  

All children are invited for examination in 2 years,  at 5 years of age only the children born with birth weight less than 1500 g / LBW or ELBW /. For the project will be purchased equipment used for eye examinations, vital signs monitors, bronchoscopes , gastroscopes useful for testing infants . Also IT equipment,   physiotherapeutic materials.

During the project will be held two educational seminars for practical paediatricians and health care professionals there .

The project participants will attend professional conferences in the Czech Republic and abroad, both actively and passively



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