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Structure of the institute

Structure of the institute

The Institute of Clinical Biochemistry and Pathobiochemistry consists of a central biochemical laboratory, an RIA laboratory, a department of clinical pharmacology (TDM and pharmacokinetics), a department of immunology and serology, a special methods section (HPLC, AAS, FTIR), a DNA analysis laboratory, a urine laboratory and laboratory for the analysis of urinary concretions, and a section for POCT (point of care testing).

Our capacities and methods

In the ÚKBP we perform more than 220 different types of laboratory examinations. We examine approximately 1,500 biological samples per day, i.e., approximately 340,000 examinations per month. This is all done in a continuous, three shifts service.

Methods that are performed in other hospitals: MTX and 7-OH-MTX, CSA, busulfan, ibuprofen, bladder calculi, mycophenol acid, tacrolimus, nicotine metabolites, CDT, A2 hemoglobine, S 100 protein, her2/neu, and pro-BNP are especially significant.

Our projects

Out-patient centers which deal with the issues of hyperlipoproteinemia, disorders of bone metabolism, and food intake disorders (in a sense of obesity and malnutrition) are also part of our institute. ÚKBP’s research projects concentrate on disorders of sexual differentiation (steroid 21-hydroxylasis, inhibins), on nutritional hormones (amylin, orexins), and on biochemical transplantation monitoring (IL-6, neopterin, cystatin C, alpha-GST).



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