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Department of Anaesthesiology and ICM, 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague and Motol University Hospital

History and workplace characteristics

The department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care was founded on 15 February 1973 as a clinical base of the eponymous department of the 1st. Medical Faculty. Prof. MD. Jiri Pokorny PhD. was appointed as its head. Rapidly developing discipline was soon assigned to be taught at the Faculty of Paediatrics (FDL). Since 1979, the clinic is regularly involved in teaching and since September 1988 has been one of their clinical sites. At this time, the most developing area became paediatric anaesthesia and paediatric intensive care. This period is inextricably linked with the personality of MD. Vladimir Kyncl.

In 1990 Prof. MD. Jiri Pokorny CSc. is succeeded by Doc.MUDr. Jan Pachl, CSc. who led KAR until 1996. In this year the "Blue Hall" for adults was opened and due to increasing demand for anaesthesia care, the clinic was expanded with a 12-bed Intensive Care Unit for adults. This year, the new head of the dynamically developing clinic became Prof. MD. Karel Cvachovec, PhD MBA, who led the clinic until 2014. In the last 18 years, the workplace has become the largest clinic in the country, increasing its fame and reputation not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. In close cooperation with other disciplines the physicians of the clinic provide care in many prestigious projects of medical care for adult and paediatric patients. Between 1990 – 2010 Doc. MD. Jan Špunda, PhD became the head of the clinic. In 2002, the second Resuscitation unit for adults was opened. In 2010, the OCHRIP became part of the KARIM, founded and led by Doc. MD. Jarmila Drábková, PhD., undoubtedly an icon of the Czechoslovak Intensive Care Medicine. During the year 2011, the units of paediatric anaesthesia and intensive care moved into the newly renovated mono block for children.

In 2014, the new head of KARIM 2nd Medical School in Teaching Hospital Motol has been appointed MD. Thomas Vymazal, Ph.D., MHA. At this time, there are more than 110 physicians operating at the clinic. The clinicians administer anaesthesia at nearly 60 operating rooms every day and cares for critically ill patients in 22 beds for adults and 14 beds for paediatric patients. There are nearly 40,000 anaesthesias and nearly 1800 critically ill patients’ go through their hands per year. With their expertise, the clinicians of KARIM 2nd Medical Faculty UK cover a wide range of services in all age groups and across the full range of care in the field. They have the most advanced medical technology at their disposal. The department provides undergraduate education of medical students of 2nd Faculty of Medicine and postgraduate teaching in the field of A + R + IM. It organises a number of specialization courses. It is an accredited workplace.


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