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The KARIM 2nd Medical School of the Charles University in University Hospital Motol provides anaesthesiological and medical care across the entire spectrum of operations and diagnosis in adult and paediatric intensive care, including the most serious conditions. Our doctors are specialised in providing highly skilled care to patients of all age and weight categories. As for the volume of care provided we are the largest Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine in the country. We are working on more than 50 operating rooms every day, our clinicians administer nearly 40,000 anaesthesias and there are more than 1,600 hospitalised patients every year.

Our uniqueness in the field is that we provide anaesthesiological care for child and adult Cardiocenter and that our clinicians operate a post-operative department of Cardiocenter for adults. An intensive cooperation on a nationwide program of lung transplantation in adult patients also makes us unique.

The facilities of our sites are at the highest level, including ECMO technology. 

We are an accredited workplace. In close cooperation with the 2nd Medical School of the Charles University we organize specialisation courses in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching including doctoral studies and in selected areas of specialised care for paediatric and adult patients.



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