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Technical equipment

The AIM Clinic, 2nd Medical Faculty in the University Hospital Motol is equipped to provide specialized anesthesiological care to children and adult patients. Obviously there are the latest technologies such as BIS, NIRS, sonography, intraoperative ECHO, IABC and ECMO. The operating rooms for children are equipped to cater for the specifics of the lowest age and weight categories of patients. The monitoring equipment of operating rooms allows the required continuous monitoring of operated patients, as well as the necessary measurements of physiological parameters. There is also equipment for the dosing and heating of drugs and fluids. There is modern ventilation equipment and monitoring equipment available on intensive care wards, which conforms to current European standards. We use modern technology CRRT, circulatory support and the support of failing organs, including the coagulation monitoring TEG and Rotem. As the first in the country, we have introduced an electronic (paperless) medical documentation.



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