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Our clinic specializes mainly in the following areas:

  • ischemic heart disease surgery (aortocoronary bypass), including complete arterial revascularization and operations without extracorporeal blood circulation;
  • a whole range of acquired defects of valves surgery with maximum emphasis on restorative operations (plastic surgery) of the mitral and aortal valves;
  • implantations of allotransplants of human valves into the aortal position, especially in cases of infectious endocarditis (in 1994 we performed first operation of such kind in Czech Republic on the grounds of our department); Ross’s operations (autotransplantations of truncus pulmonalis into the aortal position in younger patients and in cases of complicated infectious endocarditis – this operation was also performed for the first time in Czech Republic at our clinic in 1995);
  • surgical treatment of heart failure;
  • thoracic aorta treatment, including implantation of stentgrafts;
  • surgical treatment of congenital heart defects in adult patients;
  • surgical treatment of atrial fibrillation (MAZE);
  • less invasive methods in cardiosurgery;
  • minithoracotomy, which was carried out by employees of our heart surgery department for the first time in the Czech Republic: atrial defect closure (1995) and mammarocoronary bypass (in January 1996),
  • complete range of vascular surgery, including aneurysms of the abdominal aorta treatment, peripheral arteries diseases treatment and dialytic approaches.


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