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Medical tourism

Dear patients,

our department is in charge of medical tourism agenda, which means that you visit our hospital on purpose for planned treatment.

Motol University Hospital provides a wide range of specialized medical help for children and adult patients. We contact the clinic in charge based on your request. Realisation of each request always depends on an actual capicity of the clinic, range of medical services provided by the clinic and the decision of the head of the clinic/department.

If you are interested in specialized examination or surgery, please, contact us on via e-mail medical.tourism@fnmotol.cz Attached medical indication from the treating doctor is a must for further communication. If your request will be approved by the clinic, we will contact you with dates available, price calculation, accomodation offer etc. We have right to decline your request due to capacity reasons.

There is a fee for the initial evaluation of your medical documentation depending on the volume of provided medical documentation. After you pay this fee, your request with attached documentation is sent to the requested clinic for evaluation.



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