Restrictions on visits to FN Motol

information leaflet during times of increased incidence of influenzaBecause of the flu epidemic, they are limited visits at the University Hospital in Motola and we ask visitors to observe the following principles:

  1. If the epidemiological situation of the respective clinic allows it, it is possible for her to visit the patient every time only one person.
    Visits are not allowed for pediatric patients when an escort is present in the department.
    In justified cases, exceptions may be granted by the head physician of the department.
  2. Only a person without symptoms of infection with respiratory protection (disposable multi-layer mouthpiece/FFP2 respirator) can visit the patient.
  3. Disinfect your hands before entering the hospital and the ward.
  4. Follow the instructions of the nursing staff.

Currently completely closed clinics/departments for visits:

Thank you for helping to protect the health of our patients and healthcare professionals.

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