Covid-19 sampling site for the public (PCR test)



It is necessary to order the examination electronically here on the Motol University Hospital website. One date is always for one person only!
The examination cannot be performed without prior order and the patient will have to leave the collection point immediately.

The samples are analyzed on the premises of the FNM and the collection is performed by swabbing the throat and nasopharynx.

Where to find us?

University Hospital in Motol
V Úvalu 84
Prague 5
150 06

Pavilion No. 24 at the south gatehouse

Hours of Operation:

  • Mon-Fri 7am-00pm

What to take with you?

  • insurance card
  • proof of identity
  • possible confirmation of permanent residence and health insurance in the Czech Republic

When and how much do you pay?

  • on the basis of the doctor's or hygienist's request, the health insurance company pays for the PCR tests (before visiting the Collection Point (PCR tests), make sure that the general practitioner or hygienist has confirmed the issuance of the test request)
  • The test is not covered by health insurance
  • We send a confirmation for a general practitioner free of charge by e-mail
  • payment is possible ONLY CONTACTLESS at the point of collection

How and when will you know the result?

  • You will receive information about the result within 48 hours via SMS *

* stated time may vary depending on technical circumstances and current traffic load

  • You can also find confirmation of infectivity on the portal

How can I order?

It is possible to order only through the electronic reservation system:


Collection point: tel .: 224 435 395
Administration: tel .: 224 435 396


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