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Health Promoting Hospital

University Hospital in Motol is one of the first hospitals in Czech Republic who integrated in 2003 into the international program “Health Promoting Hospitals”. In reality this means that hospitals implement principles of health support declared by WHO.

In terms of the program’s five standards of health support have been created concentrating on field of judging patient’s needs, informing patients, cooperation between unions and continuity of provided care, support of healthy environment and a field of control.

The judging of the effectiveness and fulfilment of standards is based on measurable criteria in form of self-assessment. The results of the self-assessment are used to determine corrective measures. Indivisible part of health promotion is monitoring consequences of corrective actions (i.e. increasing accessibility of informational and educational materials will strengthen participation of patients on support of their own health; final effect will be discovered by patient’s contentment survey).

Program Health Promoting Hospital includes complex issues of health support. The projects target patients as well as health care workers.

Following projects still continue this year:

Ask Your Pharmacist, this project is offered by pharmacy UH in Motol. It is assigned for patients, employees and other applicants from visitors of hospital. Topics who are possible to enquire about are available at dispensaries of the pharmacy. Contact number - 224 435714.

Informational and Educational Materials in conjunction with clinics we will focus on production and accessibility of educational materials for patients.

Project Prevalence of Smoking in Health Care is implemented with cooperation of the Institute for Public Health or 2nd LF UK in the form of research. It takes place at the Clinic of Pneumology Clinic, LDN, KAR in January and February. In summer months the research will take place at the Internal Orthopaedic and Paediatric Clinic. The research has already taken place at the Department of Central Operating Rooms and at the 1st and 3rd Clinic of Surgery.

Campaign- Ex Smokers Are Unstoppable is European project that supports people, who decided to give up smoking. It is a motivational program for helping to quit smoking. Its main goal is to provide support to smokers who decided to quit smoking but also to help all ex-smokers in their resolution to never start smoking again. Link can be found on intranet in permanent news column.

Programs for Improving Physical Condition of patients and employees are organised in conjunction with the Department of Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine of the 2nd LF UK. Patients and employees are offered programs to preserve their physical condition, prevent back problems, stabilize or reduce weight. Program offers for employees are published on the intranet.

MUDr. Soňa Czémyová, Phone No. 224436667

Contact for ambulance centre: Phone No.224436646

(Clinic of Pneumology 2nd LF UK and UH in Motol, V Úvalu 84, Prague 5, ZIP CODE: 15006)

Educational Programs –there is consulting service for patients with lipid metabolism disorders, bone metabolism disorders and nutrition disorders.

  • Internal Clinicfor diabetics
  • Gynaecology and Maternity Departments for pregnant women
  • Surgery Clinic-  for ostomy patients
  • Department of Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine- weight loss

Exercises for Patients (for pregnant women, diabetics, cardiac patients, seniors...)



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