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Hospital Pharmacies

Hospital pharmacy of Motol UH is one of the working compartments of the biggest Czech hospital. Although only a small part is accessible to patients, it is one of the biggest working facilities of its kind. Its biggest part is located in three above ground and two underground floors of head office building. The pharmacy also has work compartment in the hall of a blue building for the adults. At the moment 27 pharmacists and 37 pharmaceutics assistants are working there. Overall number of employees is reaching 90.

Hospital pharmacy provides highly specialized pharmaceutical care for both hospitalized and out patients of the Motol University Hospital as well as for other clients. You will be pleased by a wide range of dispensed drugs, flexible opening hours and mainly by the experienced staff and good technological equipment of our pharmacy.

Beside basic functions that are providing first-rate, safe and effective drugs and educating students, the employees of hospital pharmacy are involved in all sorts of other activities. For example: determining drug policies, consultations with doctors and health care professionals in the field of correct drug handling, taking part in ensuring medication for clinical assessments, taking part in ethical commissions etc. We hope that your visit to our website will not only help you find the sought information but will also bring you the insight into the work of pharmaceutical personnel and that you will find interesting information for yourselves as patients, partners, submitters of clinical evaluations, students, applicants for attestations and colleagues. 



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