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Mission and Vision

The mission of University Hospital in Motol is treatment of illnesses based on actual pieces of medical knowledge and to provide complex and specialized high quality care for all stages of human life. The mission is summed up in our motto: fnmotol.cz: “serving generations”. Our main plan for future is to make the hospital “flag ship” of Czech health service in general and specialized care. In order to achieve our goals it is extremely important to have an effective plan for operating the hospital, including a plan for increasing the quality of health care. Our hospital:

  • Provides basic, specialized and super specialized health care and services in medical fields in form of outpatient and in-patient care for children, adults and elderly patients
  • The biggest health care facility in CZ
  • Is built in two single blocks that are connected together as well as few separate pavilions – has 2,410 beds
  • More than 860,000 people per year are treated as outpatients
  • More than 70,000 people are treated as in patients
  • Has more than 5,000 employees



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