Cilem nursing is the provision of quality and effective nursing care to all hospitalized and outpatient patients at the University Hospital in Motol.

In accordance with the main goal, the hospital management focuses mainly on:

  • support for the training of non-medical health professionals,
  • improving the quality of nursing care and patient safety in the hospital,
  • improving communication between health professionals,
  • good communication with patients and their families and the public,
  • improving the hospital environment in terms of aesthetic and safety conditions,
  • ensuring operation during the next phase of DFN reconstruction.

Modern nursing is an independent scientific discipline, which consists of a system of specific scientific knowledge and a method of practice. It forms an integral part of health care. The basic goals of nursing are:

  • maintaining and promoting health;
  • restoring health and developing self-sufficiency;
  • alleviating the suffering of the terminally ill and ensuring peaceful dying and death.

The essence of the nursing profession is active care to meet the needs of patients. A characteristic feature is a holistic approach to the patient's personality. Nursing care is focused on individual patient care and uses the method of the nursing process. Therefore, nursing in today's sense of the word is not just the performance of medical practices and the provision of therapeutic and diagnostic services, but a professional and independent activity performed by erudite and professionally skilled workers of various specialties.

Nursing care is provided by:

  • general nurse, midwife, nurse specialist.

The following are involved in nursing care:

  • medical assistant, nurse, paramedic who work under the professional supervision of a nurse.

Other professionals whose work is closely related to nursing are:

  • physiotherapist, occupational therapist, social worker, nutritional therapist
  • medical laboratory assistant, radiological assistant,
  • public health assistant, pharmaceutical assistant,
  • dental technician, dental hygienist, orthoptist.

Nursing is a specific field that requires specialized knowledge from employees and at the same time high motivation and moral prerequisites to perform a demanding profession.

Nursing care is provided by healthcare professionals:

  • qualified to perform the profession without professional supervision after obtaining professional competence (they are registered in the Register of Healthcare Professionals)
  • qualified to pursue the profession under professional supervision or direct supervision
    They acquire the ability to perform the profession in a qualification study at a higher vocational or university.

Specialized knowledge and skills are acquired by health professionals in postgraduate studies, which focus on certain fields.

The University Hospital in Motol has so far received accreditation from the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic for a number of educational programs. Implements programs for nurses in the field of perioperative care, anesthesiology, resuscitation and intensive care, nursing care in pediatrics, intensive care in pediatrics, for laboratory technicians in the field of clinical biochemistry, medical immunology, hematology and transfusion services, for health and social workers.

The hospital also organizes courses focused on certain issues, such as a certified course in the role of the nurse in the provision and care of vascular access, in the provision of enteral and parenteral nutrition, an accredited course for paramedics and more.

Educational programs and courses are intended both for employees of the Motol University Hospital and for those interested in other medical facilities (more on the professional public at

As part of the professional development of medical staff at the hospital, seminars and other training events take place throughout the year, both at the level of individual workplaces and at the level of the entire hospital.

Educational events are organized and organized by a separate education department in cooperation with the department of the Deputy for Nursing Care.

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