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A goal of nursing is to provide effective nursing care to all hospitalized patients and outpatients in Motol UH.

In Compliance with Our Main Goal the Management of Hospital Concentrates Foremost on:

  • supporting education of non doctor certified health care employees
  • increasing of nursing care and safety of patients in hospital
  • improving communication between employees
  • good communication with patients, their families and the public
  • improving the hospital environment in terms of aesthetic and safety conditions
  • maintaining the functioning of hospital in next phase of reconstruction of DFN

Modern nursing is an independent scientific branch created by a system of specific scientific knowledge and practical methods. It creates inseparable part of health care. The basic goals of nursing are:

  • Maintaining and promotion of health
  • Restoration of health and development of self sufficiency
  • Alleviation of suffering of terminally ill patients and ensuring a peaceful dying

The essence of the nursing occupation is actively providing care for the needs of patients. Characteristic trait of the nursing occupation is complex attitude towards patient’s personality. Nursing care is focused on individual care of patient and is using method of nursing process. In nowadays meaning, nursing is not filling medical documentation and providing therapeutic and diagnostic treatment, but also a separate expert field carried out by qualified professionals from different areas of expertise.

Nursing care is Provided by:

  • General Nurse, midwife, specialized nurse.
  • Medical assistant, nurse, paramedics who work under supervision of the nurse
  • physiotherapist, ergo therapist, social worker, nutritional adviser,
  • laboratory technician, radiologist
  • safety and welfare assistant, pharmaceutical assistant
  • dental technician, dental hygienist, orthoptist

Participating in Nursing are:

Other Specialists Whose Work is Closely Related to Nursing:

Nursing care is a specific industry that requires specialized knowledge from the employees as well as high motivation and moral assumptions for duty of this demanding career.

Nursing Care is Provided by Health Care Workers that are:

  • Qualified to work without supervision after gaining their qualifications (they are registered in the register of medical care workers)
  • Eligible to work under specialized supervision or direct guidance. The qualifications are obtained at higher education courses or university degree courses

Medical staff gains specialized knowledge and skills at post graduate studies that are focused on specific disciplines.

To this date Motol University Hospital has achieved accreditation from the Ministry of Health service for a number of educational programs. The hospital organises certified courses specialized on certain issues such as role of nurse in providing care and maintenance of vascular accesses, ensuring enteral and parenteral nutrition, accredited course for paramedics and more.

Educational programs and courses are designed for employees of Motol UH as well as for applicants from other health care centres (more info on www.fnmotol.cz professional general public).

Seminars and other training courses are organised all year round in terms of professional development of health service employees. The courses are organised collectively as overall hospital training or as single department trainings.

Educational programs are organised by the Department of Education in cooperation with deputy manager for nursing care.



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