Contacts for a separate department education

PhDr. RNDr. Daniel Jirkovsky, Ph.D., MBA
Head of Department
tel .: 224 439 030

Scope: Accreditation of specialist training for doctors, dentists, pharmacists and non-medical healthcare professionals, certified courses and accredited qualification courses for non-medical healthcare professionals, inclusion in specialist training of doctors; attestation examinations of doctors, contractual relations with other educational and medical facilities. Distance forms of education.

Ivana Soukupová
tel .: 224 439 038

Scope: Individual contracts on internships, study stays for doctors, dentists and pharmacists

Bc. Michaela Kizeková
tel .: 224 439 040

Scope: Residences, information support for educational events and their evaluation, implementation of SW Vema - VZD, website updates. Information support of activities of the Independent Department of Education, analytical activities.

M.Sc. Jana Stehlíková
tel .: 224 439 032

Scope: Specialized education of non-medical health workers implemented at the Motol University Hospital, contracts on internships for non-medical health workers, use of teaching facilities, attestation examinations for non-medical health workers.

Jana Wagnerová
tel .: 224 439 031

Scope: Accredited qualification courses for paramedics, specialized training of non-medical healthcare workers implemented outside the Motol University Hospital, further training of non-medical healthcare workers, training of drivers - clerks, CPR training, qualification agreements.

M.Sc. Kateřina Šantorová
tel .: 224 439 033

Scope: Implementation of compulsory courses within the specialized education of physicians (applications), compulsory pre-certification courses for physicians, implementation of certified courses for non-medical health professionals, reimbursement of course fees, internal agenda of the department.

Zuzana Krátošková
tel .: 224 439 041

Scope: Accreditation of specialized education of doctors, dentists, pharmacists and non-medical health professionals, certified courses and accredited qualification courses of non-medical health professionals. Moodle system administrator.

Independent education department
University Hospital in Motol
V Úvalu 84
150 06 Prague 5 - Motol

Location of the Independent Education Department in the Motol University Hospital complex:
Building I at the Economic Gatehouse.

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