MD, Ph.D. program

The development of medical disciplines has been taking place in recent decades at a fascinating pace in virtually all medical disciplines, both theoretical and clinical. There are several prerequisites for physicians to capture these trends and to actively contribute to them. The main condition for the education of top experts is, of course, the personality and motivation of doctors. For orientation in the issues of modern medicine, it is important that postgraduate education, in addition to the clinical part, also includes practical experience with scientific work and that emphasis is placed on orientation in modern information sources. To meet such conditions, a program called MD, Ph.D. was established in 2003 at the University Hospital in Motol.

This program aims to enable the best medical graduates to prepare for their profession in a combined program in which it is possible to obtain a Ph.D. and at the same time prepare for the specialization exam in the given field.

More information about the program can be obtained at the Motol University Hospital, at the Deputy Minister for Science and Research, prof. MUDr. Anny Šedivé, DSc.


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