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M.D., Ph.D. Program

Development in fields of medicine takes place very quickly in all medical areas. There are several necessary assumptions to ensure that doctors will keep up with new trends and continue to actively assist them. The main requirement for bringing up top experts is that post gradual upbringing includes apart from clinical part also work based learning experience in scientific employment with emphasis on orientation in modern resources of information. To ensure those conditions a program called “M.D., Ph.D.” arose in 2003 in the University Hospital Motol. In order to pick up on new trends, UH Motol decided in 2003, to create conditions for preparation of motivated physicians and founded program called “M.D., Ph.D.” in other name “Combine Program for Scientific and Vocational Education”. The goal of the project is to support talented graduates from Medical Faculties. 

Graduates from Medical Faculties who in given year are entering Ph.D level in chosen areas and who at the same time work at clinic working compartment of UH Motol enrol into the program. For the period of 5 years already the hospital headmaster grants part time employment at the clinical work compartment to 10 of the best students who pass preliminary interview. During the studies in M.D., Ph.D. program the students work on research projects within the scope of quality scientific groups of medical faculty as well as the Academy of Science. The success of scientific work is measured by quality of publications and a criterion of success is publishing activities in international impact magazines. Quality of scientific and clinical preparation is continuously observed and assessed yearly. Of course the assumptions are international internships and stays of participants or graduates from the program who are going to assure international level of Czech medicine carried by personalities of medical fields.

Find out more about the program at UH Motol - deputy for Science and Research, Prof. MUDr. Anny Šedivá, CSc., and on website of FNM. 



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