Agreements on practical teaching with schools are handled by the Deputy Nursing Office. Information will be provided by the Secretariat of the Deputy Nursing Care on phone number: 224431051.


These binding instructions apply only to applicants for internships eligible for the medical profession in the Czech Republic, students of medical disciplines in the Czech Republic and also for applicants for internships in non-medical operations of the Motol University Hospital. These instructions also apply to applicants for the attestation exam, which includes a practical part with the provision of health services.

Applicants for internships from abroad follow special instructions.  

 These instructions contain information on:

  • a binding procedure for the settlement of the Internship / Study Stay Agreement;
  • internship prices;
  • the possibility of accommodating trainees and the manner of its provision;
  • catering options for trainees;
  • the possibility of transporting trainees to the Motol University Hospital by public transport;
  • internship evaluation.


The applicant for an internship at the Motol University Hospital (hereinafter referred to as the intern) proceeds as follows:

At least 30 working days before the envisaged traineeship contacts a designated person at FN Motol. Doctors, dentists and pharmacists will find a list of contact persons on this site in the section Specialized education of doctors, dentists and pharmacists, non-medical health professionals in the section Lifelong learning for non-medical health professionals. The trainee agrees with the contact person:

  • date and place of the traineeship;
  • trainers;
  • internship study plan (if it is an internship that is not related to specialization education or the implementation of a certified or accredited qualification course).

 Subsequently, the trainee informs his / her employer about the date of the traineeship (it does not apply to self-employed persons).

No later than 1 month before the start of the internship, the intern will send a completely completed file to the Independent Education Department: INFORMATION SHEET.xls with the documents for the preparation of the internship contract. You download the information sheet to your computer, fill in the required information and save it as an xls file.

The file is for download

Doctors, dentists, pharmacists and students of General Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy Post completely completed Information sheet of Mrs. Ivana Soukupová to email:, tel .: 224 43 9038.

Physicians who apply for professional practice within the practical part of the approbation exam send completely completed Information sheet of Mr. PhDr. Daniel Jirkovsky, Ph.D., MBA. to email:, tel .: 224 43 9030.

Non-medical health professionals - participants in certified courses at FN Motol - send completely completed Information sheet of Mrs. Mgr. Kateřina Šantorová, to email:, tel .: 224 43 9033.

Non-medical health professionals - participants in specialized education with a theoretical part implemented at the Motol University Hospital - send completely completed Information sheet of Mrs. Mgr. Jana Stehlíková, email:, tel .: 224 43 9032.

Non-medical health professionals in other cases, participants in accredited qualification courses, students of non-medical health disciplines and applicants for internships in non-medical facilities send completely completed Information sheet of Mrs. Jana Wagnerová to email:, tel .: 224 43 9031.

Subsequently, the Independent Department of Education will draw up a contract for the trainee for the placement (study stay) and send it to the email address provided by the trainee. Upon receipt of the draft contract from the Independent Education Department of FN Motol, the trainee follows the instructions given in the report; ie print the contract in a specified number of copies, attach to each copy of the contract the study plan of the internship, a simple (uncertified) copy of the certificate of professional competence (university diploma, diploma or graduation certificate, from which it is clear that he is qualified to practice the medical profession , in which the internship will be performed) - students present a certificate of study issued by the school / faculty - and also enclose a copy of proof of liability insurance and a copy of proof of accident insurance (only if it is a bilateral contract between the applicant and FN Motol - does not apply tripartite contracts concluded between the trainee, his employer and FN Motol). He / she will sign the contract and the study plan of the internship and submit it for signature to the authorized person of his / her employer. If the contract is signed by an authorized employee instead of the employer's statutory body, the signed contracts must be accompanied by his power of attorney or authorization issued by the statutory body.

The signed contracts (by the trainee + employer) are sent by the trainee immediatelyat least 15 working days before the traineeship date, to the Independent Education Department of the Motol University Hospital by post to the following address:

University Hospital in Motola
Independent education department
In Úval 84
150 05 Prague 5 - Motol

After completing the approval process at FN Motol (Independent Department of Education, Training Institution, Legal Assessment) and signing the contract, the Independent Department of Education will send the contract according to the purpose specified in the contract.

The internship fee can be paid only on the basis of a validly concluded contract and on the basis of an invoice issued by FN Motol.

Without a properly concluded, ie signed contract by all contracting parties, the internship at FN Motol cannot be completed.

The prices of internships are listed in the valid price list of educational events, which can be downloaded

The independent education department of the Motol University Hospital does not provide accommodation for trainees. You can find more detailed information about accommodation <a href="" data-gt-href-en="">HERE</a>. Accommodation can be ordered at the hotel reception, email:, hotel reception: +420 224 437 309.

For a fee (for the public), trainees can use the services of the staff canteen of the Motol University Hospital, which offers breakfast and lunch. Meals are not ordered in advance, it is possible to choose them on the spot. For lunch, two types of soup are usually offered, four ready-made meals and three variants of fast food. The staff canteen is open on weekdays from 06.30:08.30 until 11:00 for breakfast and from 15:00 until 07.30:08.30 for lunch. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, the dining room is open from 12:00 until 14:00 for breakfast and from XNUMX:XNUMX until XNUMX:XNUMX for lunch.


The University Hospital in Motol is at the final metro station of the Motol Hospital

(route A - green)

Note: only every second metro set runs to the Motol Hospital terminus.

Starting point - final metro station Zličín (line B - yellow)

At the final metro station Zličín, take bus no. 180 in the direction of Dejvická, the exit station is the Motol Hospital stop (bus travel time - about 16 minutes).

Starting point - metro station Anděl (line B - yellow)

From the Anděl metro station, get off at the "Na Knížecí" exit, where you take bus No. 167 in the direction of the Homolka Hospital, you can get off at the Kudrnova stop or at the Motol Hospital stop. (bus travel time - about 16 minutes).


We will be happy if you fill in the attached evaluation questionnaire at the end of the internship and submit it to your trainer. The questionnaire is available for download

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