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Motol UH is One of the First Hospitals in the Czech Republic where since 1999 the Volunteer Program started functioning.

The main implementer of the volunteering idea in the hospital was MUDr. Ivana Kořínková. She was eventually the main guarantor and initiator of the volunteering program in other health facilities in the Czech Republic. The first coordinators who started volunteer organization were Mgr. Blanka Zaplatílková and Mgr. Jitka Nováková. They laid the foundation for quality leadership and training of volunteers in Motol UH.

The form of a system was gained under the methodical leadership of the National Centre for Volunteers “Hestia” with assistance of the Open Society Fund Trust Prague. Since 2004 the Volunteer Centre has become a part of Motol UH.

Mission and Abstraction of the Program

The mission of the volunteer program is to bring more human contact into hospital, strengthen spiritual wellbeing of patients and help to improve their attitude towards active cooperation in healing process.

All information is available at: www.dcmotol.cz


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