Where to get a positive test certificate?

You can download the certificate of the positive test or vaccination at the following link. Don't go to the hospital for him.

If you have a positive test on Covid-19

  • It is necessary to enter the isolation, which now lasts at least 5 days in the Czech Republic. You can end the isolation if 5 days have passed since the positive sample was taken and you have no symptoms for the last two days.
  • If you have these symptoms, the isolation is prolonged for the duration of the symptoms, plus 2 days without symptoms.
  • Isolation is provided by law and violations are punishable by heavy penalties.
  • Realize that you are contagious and can endanger anyone around you.
  • Incapacity for work is issued by a general practitioner, it is not possible for an emergency service doctor to issue it.

 Common symptoms of the disease include

  • Temperature 37,3 ° C and above
  • Cough, runny nose
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Sore throat, head, back, muscles or joints
  • Loss of smell / taste
  • Fatigue, general weakness, diarrhea, nausea
  • You can treat these symptoms with commercially available medicines from a pharmacy. Covid-19 is a viral disease, these drugs only address the symptoms of the disease, always follow the package leaflet.

 When to call an ambulance? Be sure to call 155 if you notice the following symptoms:

  1. The condition starts to worsen from hour to hour, especially in people who are being treated for heart or lung disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, immune deficiency or severe obesity.
  2. Breathing gets so bad that the patient cannot say the whole sentence in one piece without shortness of breath (does not count to ten per breath) or pierces the face or around the lips.
  3. The patient has impaired vision, hearing, balance, memory or fainting, or collapsed.
  4. You're watching other unusual symptoms other than those listed above as accompanying the normal course of the disease.
  5. Not sure or scared.

Sources of information:

Due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation, all elective, ie planned, surgical care is suspended from 29 November 11 until further notice. The restriction does not apply in any way to acute and life-threatening conditions. Thank you for your understanding.

 The University Hospital in Motol offers the following testing at COVID-19:

  • PCR test is worth it 814,- CZKThe antigen test is worth it 201,- CZK
  • payment is possible ONLY CONTACTLESS at the point of collection
  • the test result certificate is now also on the portal
  • the PCR collection site is open daily from 7 am to 15 pm; Antigenic daily from 7 am to 17 pm

 PCR and antigen tests is performed in building No. 24 in the hospital complex at the southern gatehouse.

It is necessary to order in advance electronically on the portal: