Accommodation accompanying person (s)

Accommodation accompanied by hospitalized children our hospital has been fully supporting and providing for itself for a long time. Accompanying persons can be accommodated either directly at the department or at the Motol University Hospital (see below). The decisive criterion is the age or severity of the child's state of health:

  • Stay accompanied by a hospitalized child, which is covered by health insurance

For children under 6 years of age, the accommodation of the escort is automatically paid for by health insurance. In the case of children older than 6 years, the attending physician may suggest the presence of an escort and forward the application to the review physician of the relevant insurance company. If this medical examiner approves the application, the accommodation is paid for by the health insurance company. Otherwise, he must pay for it himself.

  • Stay of an accompanying hospitalized child in a hostel, which is not covered by public health insurance

Parents of children over the age of 6, whose stay is not covered by health insurance and the need for their presence is not approved by the medical examiner, can use paid services during their child's stay in the hospital. hostel FN Motol. There is also the possibility of hotel-type accommodation - Motel Accommodation.

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