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All about COVID - 19


The aim of these measures is to prevent the spreading of infection among other persons.In the case of a positive result following a test for SARS-CoV-2, you will receive information that you have to go into isolation.Isolation is necessary in the event of an on-the-limit (i.e. suspected) positive result, until the result of a repeat test is received.

What is isolation?

Isolation or self-isolation means staying at home or in a designated space in one assigned, reasonably ventilated room, ideally with its own toilet. This measure has to be complied with when symptoms of the disease are apparent and for the whole ordered period.

In home isolation comply with the following rules:

  • Limit any visits.
  • Only members of the household should remain at home.
  • Separate yourself from other persons in the household.
  • Protect other members of the household, use facemasks, if you are in the same room as them.
  • Isolate yourself in a well-ventilated room with the option of opening a window.
  • If you don’t have a separate toilet available, the isolated person should, after every use of the toilet, thoroughly clean all the contact surfaces.
  • Use only your own towels, toiletries, kitchen utensils, glasses, bedclothes or other household products ordinarily shared in the household.
  • Ask your friends, neighbours or social workers for assistance with necessary outings, e.g. purchasing food and medicine.
  • Avoid direct contact when communicating with people, for example have food purchases delivered to your door.
  • Wash your hands before and after any contract with other persons. Use disinfectant on your hands.
  • Proceed in accordance with instructions from your general practitioner and call him if your medical condition worsens.

If you were in epidemiologically significant contact* (* less than 1.5 m, longer than 15 minutes, without using facemasks) with a Covid-19 positive person, but you are currently healthy and do not have any symptoms of the disease, you are ordered into quarantine.

What is quarantine?

Quarantine is the limitation of free movement of persons for a designated period. It is mandatary and usually takes place at home.

In quarantine comply with the following rules:

  • Remain at home (i.e. do not go to work, to school or to public places).
  • Keep checking whether you have Covid-19 symptoms – in particular a high fever, coughing or problems breathing. If these symptoms appear, contact your general practitioner.
  • If you have a cough, fever and breathing problems, use facemasks that protect the persons around you from infection.
  • If it is possible, agree with your employer that you will work from home.
  • Clean and disinfect your home, in particular frequently used surfaces and the toilet.
  • Ask your friends, neighbours or social workers for assistance with necessary outings, e.g. purchasing food and medicine.
  • Be in contact with your family and friends by telephone, e-mail or social media.
  • Get information about Covid-19 only from trustworthy sources: 





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