Presence of the patient's escort in the operating room

The Act on Health Services and the Conditions for their Provision explicitly stipulates that the presence of other persons must be in accordance with other legislation and internal rules and shall not interfere with the provision of health services. The reasons that do not allow us to allow the presence of a patient in the operating room are as follows:

  • Hygiene-anti-epidemic: The operating room is a space that places the highest possible demands on the cleanliness of the environment. Due to strict adherence to hygienic procedures, it is necessary to minimize the number of people who move here.
  • Operating: There are medical devices and equipment in these areas that require professional treatment. An untrained person could, albeit unintentionally, cause damage, malfunction or other adverse effects.
  • Socio-ethical: The work of doctors and other health professionals in the operating room is extremely demanding and, of course, requires maximum concentration of all involved. The presence of an accompanying person, who certainly has a strong emotional relationship with the patient, can jeopardize the much-needed concentration of the operating team.

Our medical staff is primarily concerned with the fact that patients hospitalized at the Motol University Hospital improve their health as soon as possible, and they do their utmost to do so. So we do not intend to create unnecessary barriers or devise complex rules and regulations. Like those who accompany small patients, we at FN Motol are primarily concerned with their health. And respecting the reasons described above will help the fastest and most effective treatment possible.

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