Volunteer Center

Organization of a volunteer program at the Motol University Hospital

In 2004, the Volunteer Center became part of the University Hospital in Motol. Since then, the entire program has been part of the Deputy Nursing Department and is thus stably integrated into the structure of the hospital.
The task of the Volunteer Center is to select, prepare and provide facilities and support for volunteers. Conceptually and organizationally, the program guarantor and the manager of the volunteer center are responsible for the program in the hospital. In each department where volunteers go, the responsible person is the so-called contact person.

The meaning and mission of the program

The mission of the volunteer program is to bring more human contact to the hospital, to strengthen the patient's mental well-being and his attitude to active cooperation in healing. A volunteer as a person coming from a "healthy world" can help overcome difficult moments in the hospital and contribute to a better course and effect of treatment.

The volunteer program is currently involved in a pilot verification with the project "Renaissance of volunteering at Motol University Hospital". The aim of the pilot is to support volunteering and is implemented within the project of the Ministry of Health "Effectiveness of the hospital care system in the Czech Republic through volunteering ", which is financed from the European Union and the State Budget of the Czech Republic.

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