Basic information about FN Motol

The University Hospital in Motol was established for an indefinite period by a decision of the Minister of Health of the Czech Republic of 25 November 11 as an independent legal entity - a contributory organization under the direct management of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.
The seat of the Motol University Hospital is: V Úvalu 84, 150 06, Prague 5.
The statutory body of FN Motol is its director, who is appointed and removed by the Minister of Health. The director shall appoint his deputies.

Defining the basic purpose and the corresponding subject of activity

  • provision of basic, specialized and highly specialized health care and services in medical fields,
  • providing education and training for medical students
  • development of science and research, verification of new diagnostic and treatment methods, conducting clinical trials of drug effects and new medical techniques
  • performance of economic, operational, technical, investment, administrative and other similar activities to the extent necessary to fulfill its mission in the provision of health care and services
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