Reimbursement schedule and annual report

Payment schedule

The activity associated with the provision of information (ie negotiations, information retrieval, processing, etc.) is considered an administrative act. The administrative act is charged with the amount of CZK 310 for each started hour of activity of the hospital employee. Reimbursement can be requested for an extremely extensive search for information.

The price of the administrative act does not include making copies for the applicant. These are charged in the price: A4 format unilaterally: 5 CZK, bilaterally 7 CZK, A3 format CZK 7 unilaterally, CZK 9 bilaterally and scanning a document 2 CZK. Acquisition of information at electronic carrier: 133 CZK. All prices include VAT.

If the applicant requests the sending of information by post, he will be charged postage according to the valid tariff of Česká pošta, sp

The calculation was made on the basis of an analysis of the hospital's total costs. It is possible to submit on request. The calculation was prepared by the price department. The total calculation includes: the expected number of pages, the number of employees and their time in processing the requested information.

Annual information report

FN Motol publishes an annual report on information provision activities for the previous calendar year.

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