Procedure of FN Motol in handling various submissions

Submission of a proposal, initiative or other request and submission of a request or complaint

The Director's Secretariat on the 2nd floor of the Directorate building is responsible for receiving these submissions, keeping them up and processing them in a timely manner.

Exercising the right to information

Oral request for information (personal and telephone)

  1. already published
    If the applicant requests information that has already been published by FN Motol, the applicant is dependent on the source of this information. If the applicant is not satisfied with this reference and requests direct information, he must submit a request in writing.
  2. unpublished
    The information is provided to the applicant orally. If the applicant is not satisfied with the content and scope of the information provided (or if the required information is not provided at all), he must submit a request in writing.

Written request for information (also by fax and e-mail)

If the application is incomplete, ie.

  1. if it is not clear from the submission that the Motol University Hospital is appointed or who is doing it, or
  2. if the application submitted by e-mail does not contain the relevant identification of the applicant, the application is automatically postponed.

If the required information does not relate to the scope of FN Motol, the application is postponed and this (duly substantiated) fact is communicated to the applicant (in the same way as was used in the submission) within 3 days of receiving the application. The decision is not issued in this case.
If the application is incomprehensible, it is not clear what information is required or is formulated too generally, the applicant is asked to clarify the application within 7 days of the application being submitted (in the same way as the application was submitted).

If the applicant does not specify the application within 30 days, the director of FN Motol will issue a decision not to provide information.

If the request concerns information already published, the applicant is, within 7 days of receiving the request (in the same way as he submitted the request), dependent on the source of this published information.

No information provided

  • relating to internal or staff regulations
  • concerning personal data
  • marked in accordance with the law as a classified information to which the applicant does not have legitimate access
  • obtained from a person to whom such an obligation does not impose by law, unless he has stated that he agrees to provide the information
  • related to ongoing criminal proceedings,
  • concerning the decision - making activity of courts and courts
  • designated pursuant to Section 504 of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, as a trade secret

The director of FN Motol will issue a decision not to provide the information.

Otherwise, FN Motol must provide the required information within 15 days of receipt of the submission (specification of the application), either

  • in writing,
  • inspecting the file, including the possibility to make a copy,
  • or on storage media.

The deadline for providing information can be extended by a maximum of 10 days, and only for the following serious reasons:

  • finding and collecting a large amount of separate and different information required in one application,
  • consultation with another legal entity that has a serious interest in the decision on the application, or between two or more organizational units of FN Motol that have a serious interest in the subject of the application.

The applicant must always be demonstrably informed of the extension of the time limit and its reasons, in good time before the expiry of the time limit for providing information.

The applicant is obliged to pay a fee according to the tariff for the direct provision of information (search, processing and sending). He is obliged to pay a reasonable deposit when submitting the application and the relevant surcharge upon receipt of the information.

If FN Motol did not provide information or issue a decision within the deadline for processing the request, it is considered that it has issued a decision refusing the information.
The applicant may lodge an appeal against this (fictitious) decision within 15 days from the date on which the time limit for processing the application expired.

The appeal is submitted to the director of FN Motol, who

  • he may decide on the appeal himself (autoredure), provided that the appeal is granted in full and provides the applicant with the required information together with the decision on the appeal, or
  • if he does not comply with the appeal (even if only partially), he shall immediately send his statement to the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, which shall decide on the appeal.
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