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Foreign and Private Patient Department

Dear clients,

welcome to our website which should provide you with basic overview of the structure and services provided by our department.

Our department takes administrative care of all the clients in Motol University Hospital, who do not have Czech public health insurance or seek for extra services as self-payers.


You can turn to the Foreign and Private Patient Dpt. in case:

you are a foreigner and have no Czech public health insurance or you are a Czech citizen with terminated public insurance and you:

  • seek for emergency health service;
  • seek for an outpatient examination;
  • seek for planned treatment;
  • are interested in extra services.

At our Dpt. you can pay for:

  • medical treatment provided to the self-payer;
  • extra services as private room and/or food;
  • burn of X-Ray/CT/MRI images on CD;
  • presence of father at childbirth;
  • assisted reproduction;
  • stomatology;
  • plastic surgery;
  • accommodation of employees/guests/parents of hospitalized children.

Last but not least, our department organizes excursions in the Motol University Hospital. More information about these and other services can be found here: Services beyond health insurance

Our team sees their main goal in providing the best possible administrative support during your visit or stay in Motol University Hospital.

Our main objective is to be a place, where sensitive and personal approach to patients is always to be granted and first-rate administrative support is a common standard.

We appreciate your interest in our hospital.



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