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About Us

The Foreign and Private Patient Department takes care of the administrative side of clients' visits in our hospital where they do not have public state insurance or they have to cover the expenses themselves. FPPD is divided into the children's and the adults' reception and there is also close cooperation with the Financial Department.

You can turn to the FPPD in the following cases:

  • You are a foreigner and you need Motol University Hospital medical care:

If you do not have Czech public health insurance, we will help you with the administration related to your visit. We will negotiate with you ways of covering expenses. We will arrange contacts with doctors and we will help you to solve matters related to your health insurance. We can also assist you to overcome the language barrier and solve other matters related to your visit or stay at Motol University Hospital.

  • We will help you to solve: Payments for using a premium room, a premium food or WiFi; Payment for training the person accompanying pregnant women at childbirth; Payment of expenses at the Children Stomatological Department or other health treatment, which are not covered by public health insurance.
  • Answer any questions related to our activities.

The Foreign and Private Patient Department is also securing examinations, which are not focused on therapeutic purposes. It means mainly provision of certificates for medical fitness for the Labour Office, provision of a health card or entrance examination for health insurances.  We also provide occupational services for companies, which have a contract with our hospital. Finally, we organise the excursions at the Motol University Hospital. For more information on these and others services you can visit our webpages

When and where you can find us

Our department is located in the main blue building on the ground floor (on the same level as the walkway over the roads for ambulances and cars) in the connecting corridor between the adults' and children's sections. For better orientation you can use two hospital pharmacies. One of them is in the courtyard in front of the administrative offices and the other one is in the central hall of the adult’s hospital. You can find our department between them right next to the flower shop.

Our department is open every day with these opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 07:00 – 19:00

Saturday, Sunday, state holidays: 08:00 – 19:00


Languages spoken

If you come to our reception from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, most of the officers will be present. We will be able to offer you communication in these languages: Czech, English, Russian, French, German and Spanish. If you do not speak any of these languages, it will be necessary to come with an interpreter. If you need an interpreter during an examination and you are not escorted by one, we can secure interpreting in the above-mentioned languages. We charge 300 CZK/30 minutes for the services of an interpreter. Availability of this service depends on the free capacity of our department at the moment.



We accept several methods of payments, including payment by cash or credit cards. It is also possible to pay invoices by bank transfer to our account, but only on the basis of a special agreement with us.

We accept cash in CZK, USD and EUR. In the case of foreign currency we accept only banknotes, not coins. Foreign currency banknotes must not be damaged in any way – torn, coloured etc. 

For credit card payment, we accept VISA, Maestro, MasterCard, AMEX and Diners Club. If money is returned, payment will be returned back to the same card, not by cash.

We will provide you with further information about bank transfer possibilities personally when you come to our department or by phone or by email.


Bank Info:

Bank: Česká národní banka, Na příkopech 864/28, 110 00, Praha 1, Czech Republic

Bank account number: 17937051/0710

IBAN:    CZ4207100000000017937051


Variable symbol = invoice number without slashes


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