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  • What should I do if I need to see a doctor and the Foreign and Private Patient Department is closed and I do not have public health care insurance

–Reply: see Health care for foreigners

  • Is it necessary to contact my insurance company before coming to see the doctor?

– Reply: Yes, if your medical condition allows, it is necessary to inform your insurance company on the insurance event (health problem). It is usually written in your insurance contract as well. There are several insurance companies we need at least a provisional guarantee of payment (GOP) letter from (Uniqa, Ergo, PVZP, Inter Partner and all foreign insurances). The insurance company can send the provisional GOP letter on the basis of the phone call with you. The operator will need to obtain information that we do not know, e.g. for how long have you had this problem, how it happened etc. However, note that usually the insurance company decides whether to pay or not after receiving the medical report from your examination.

  • Will my medical expenses be covered by the insurance company?

– Reply: The insurance company will definitely assess your claim for covering medical care expenses on the basis of your medical report. We strongly recommend you to study the insurance conditions or ask the insurance company before you come. Usually they do not cover the following- long term problems (e.g.  Asthma, hypertension, posttraumatic difficulties, allergies, arthritis etc.), sexually transmitted diseases (e.g. HIV, syphilis, Chlamydia etc.), aesthetic (e.g. acne) and mental problems.

  •  How much does the doctor’s examination cost if I am not insured or my insurance company does not pay for it?

– Reply: It always depends on the nature of the examination which was determined by the doctor. It means that we cannot ever tell you the exact price in advance. In the case of a basic consultation (without blood tests, X-ray, MRI, CT and other specialized examinations) you can count with roughly 1000 CZK. Laboratory tests have many different prices and the final price might be about 100 or even 20,000 CZK or more (expensive laboratory tests are quite exceptional; they are common in the case of virology or histology). In the case of X-rays, prices vary from 500 to 1000 CZK for one part of the body, a X-ray CT costs from 2000 to 5000 CZK for one part of the body and MRI costs from 6000 to 20,000 CZK. We can provide you with the customised estimation of the costs of other procedures or e.g. hospitalization.

  • I am a foreigner and I have Czech public health care insurance. Can I register with a general practitioner at Motol University Hospital?

– Reply: Currently we are not offering registration with a general practitioner for any of our clients. All Motol University Hospital general practitioners work only as emergency doctors, so they cannot become your general practitioner/ family doctor. However, they are still able to offer you most of the care which is standard for general practitioners.

  • Will you be able to provide me with medical services if I have insurance, but I lost my health care insurance card/ my health care insurance card was stolen?

– Reply: Yes, we can provide you with medical services, but we will charge you personally. Then you can ask for a reimbursement from your insurance company, which will be based on the invoice which you receive from us - in Czech or English. 


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