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I am a citizen of the EU

Motol University Hospital is a state hospital. We can cover medical care expenses with your own national insurance or with the insurance from the state where you are insured.  Please do not forget to bring a valid European Health Insurance Card (further on EHIC) or its Replacement Certificate. You can also use a certificate approving requested care - form S2 (also known as E112). Please do not forget to show us these documents during your visit to the hospital (see 1.1).

If you have already registered any of these documents before visiting the doctor at VZP (note: Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna) please follow instructions 1.2.

If you do not have EHIC, Replacement Certificate or form S2, please follow instructions 1.3 and 1.4, depending on whether you have travel insurance or not.

Please come first to the Foreign and Private Patient Department if your health shape allows it. It is important to bring valid proof of your insurance and valid ID. Your home insurance company will cover expenses for your treatment or possible hospitalization (except in cases where the exclusion will be applied). In our hospital you will pay only the regulatory fee of 90 CZK for emergency treatment. More information about the reimbursement of health care in the EU can be found on the website of the Centre for International Reimbursements www.cmu.cz.


  • 1.1 I have EHIC, Replacement Certificate or form S2 for requested care

If you are a EU citizen or a citizen of any associate states – Switzerland, Norway, Island or Liechtenstein, you have a right to request medical care in any of these countries.  The scope of the medical care depends on the type of document you have.

EHIC (European Health Insurance Card)

With a valid EHIC you have a right to request acute care or such care as you need to avoid a early return to your home country. On the other hand, you do not have a right for planned care (it means that kind of care, which was your reason to come to the Czech Republic). If you are interested in receiving such care in Motol University Hospital, it is necessary to arrange form S2. Please check the validity of your EHIC at the lower right corner, before you visit our facility. If the validity of your card has already expired, it is necessary to request the insurance company to submit a Replacement Certificate. Without a valid EHIC or Replacement Certificate you should proceed as an uninsured patient (see 1.4 or 1.3 in the case of travel insurance). 

EHIC Replacement Certificate

If you do not have a valid EHIC and you are e.g waiting for a new one or you have not requested it yet, you will need a Replacement Certificate. You will have a right for the same medical care cover as with the EHIC, but only during its period of validity.

 Form S2

If you are interested in non-acute, planned care in the Czech Republic, one of the options to arrange it is to ask your home insurance company for form S2 (or E112). With this form you are allowed to get the full medical care for the specified purpose in the Czech Republic and all expenses will be charged to the insurance company directly. To issue the form you usually need the medical records, confirmation of planned admission and estimation of costs from the target hospital, where you are seeking treatment.

EU Directive on cross-board medical care now allows the patients to get the planned medical care in any medical center in European Union even without the agreement of the home insurance company (form S2). In this case the patient (insured person) pays the expenses for the medical care himself/herself and then asks the home insurance company for reimbursement. Insurance company pays back the expenses up to the price of the equivalent medical care in the home country. For example: medical care costs 1000 EUR in Germany, 1500 EUR in France and the patient is German who gets the medical care in France. He/she pays in France and then the German insurance company pays 1000 EUR back and the rest of the costs he/she pays himself/herself.

For more information please contact your insurance company or Centre for International Reimbursements.  If you are interested in such medical care in our hospital, do not hesitate to contact us. 


If you have any of those documents it is necessary to register it with some Czech insurance company after you arrive to Czech Republic. It will be for free if you go directly to them. We can also register instead of you if you are coming to Motol University Hospital without the registration.

More information on the reimbursement of the medical care over the European Union can be found on the websites of Centre for International Reimbursements.


  • 1.2 I already have a certificate with entitlement for medical care

If you have already registered your form with one of the Czech insurance companies, we will consider you to be a publicly insured patient. In that case you do not need our department any more as you can go directly to the doctor. Please do not forget to show him/her the certificate proving your registration and pay a regulatory fee (90 CZK for medical care during emergency hours).


  • 1.3 I have a travel or international insurance

There are other ways of covering medical care expenses if you are EU citizen or a citizen of associate countries without EHIC. You can also use travel insurance or any private insurance from your home country with international cover in Motol University Hospital. If it is possible we will send the invoice direct to your insurance company and you will not pay anything yourselves.  This works under the condition that we will receive a written guarantee letter before your examination from your insurance company that they will cover your medical care expenses. It means that you as a patient contact your insurance company before examination and you will check whether you have a right to claim medical care with us or not. In the case of a positive answer, please request the written guarantee letter which they can send us by email or fax. Under the condition that the written guarantee letter will be delivered, we will not be requesting any payments from you. Clients of the international insurance company Cigna do not have to contact this company at all. We work directly with the company.

If you have Czech commercial insurance, please follow instructions 2.1 for non-EU citizens.

If your insurance company cannot send us a written guarantee letter or they cannot cover your medical care expenses for some reason (e.g. exclusions from insurance) you must pay yourself see 1.4.


  • 1.4 I do not have any insurance

If you do not have any insurance, which could be used for covering health care, you have to pay all expenses yourselves (or parent or legal representative of child below age 18). It is necessary to come to our department during the working hours if your health shape allows it. Here we will request a deposit of 1000 CZK for a basic examination (without X-RAYS - RTG, US, CT, MRI, blood tests and any other specialized examinations). In the case of more specialized and complex examinations, we will charge you a deposit based on an individual estimation. After the examination we will calculate the actual expenses and deduct it from the deposit. Either we will return you the remaining money or we will charge you for any amount higher than this deposit. You are, as patient, obliged to pay this amount.

You can find payment methods here.


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