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I am not a citizen of the EU

  • 2.1. I am insured with a commercial insurance company in the Czech Republic (Slavia, Maxima, Uniqa, Ergo – in the past Victoria Völksbanken, VZP for foreigners, Inter Partner - AXA Assistance)

Motol University Hospital cooperates with all commercial insurance companies in the Czech Republic – Slavia, Maxima, Uniqa, Ergo, VZP for foreigners and Inter Partner - AXA Assistance. If you are insured with one of them, it is possible to send an invoice for your examination directly to the insurance company. If you are planning to come to the hospital and you wish to cover expenses with your insurance, it is necessary to follow the procedure explained below.

In the case of insurance companies Uniqa, Ergo, VZP for foreigner and Inter Partner - AXA Assistance you must inform your insurance company about your health problems and your intention to visit our hospital in advance. The insurance company will contact us with information whether they will pay for your examination or not. In the case of Slavia and Maxima there is no need to call them in advance. We will verify your insurance in our department. After the examination your medical report will be evaluated in our department. In the case of any doubts concerning the reimbursement we will also send your medical report for evaluation to the insurance company.

Please pay special attention to the exclusion clauses of your insurance (it means health problems, where treatment will not be covered by the insurance). They are mostly related to long term problems (they began before the inception date of your insurance contract
e.g hypertension, allergies, arthritis etc.), health problems of a cosmetic nature (eg. acne, birthmarks), sexually transmitted diseases (eg. syphilis, HIV, gonorrhoea etc.), problems which appeared after drug or alcohol ingestion and in the case of mental problems. Please also pay attention to the scope of your insurance contract. For complex insurance it is standard to cover several check-ups following the first examination with the same diagnosis, which was considered by the insurance company as a liquidity event (it means that insurance company will pay expenses). On the other hand insurance for necessary and urgent care usually covers only the first visit. Patient has to pay the following check-ups himself/herself.

If the payment for your insured event – the doctor’s examination or hospitalization – will be guaranteed by the insurance company, we will not be requesting payments from you as a patient. The only exception is technical-administrative fee for the services of a specialized department, which is not covered by VZP health insurance for foreigners. We request this fee only from VZP foreign clients, who come for examination without recommendation during standard working hours. We do not charge this fee if you have a recommendation, you come with an urgent health problem or you come during emergency hours. This fee is 300 CZK.

If your insurance company will not pay the expenses for your examination, you as a patient must pay these expenses yourself at our department. Information about payment methods can be found here.

  • 2.2. I have a travel or an international insurance

If you have a travel insurance or private insurance with international validity in your home country, you can use it at Motol University Hospital. It means that you will not be personally charged, because we may in some cases use a direct billing method. This method we can use on the base of previous written guarantee letter, where your insurance company promises to cover the expenses for your examination. We have to receive this document before your examination. It requires you to phone the insurance company to check the legitimacy of your claim before you have the examination. In the case of a positive reply, it is necessary to request the insurance company to send us a written guarantee letter by email or fax. Once we have this document, we will not charge you. Clients of the international insurance company Cigna, do not have to contact it. We cooperate directly with this company. You have to pay yourselves (see 2.3.) if your insurance company cannot provide us with the guarantee letter or they will not cover your expenses (eg. due to exclusions on your insurance).


  • 2.3. I do not have any insurance

If you do not have any insurance, which could be used for covering health care, you have to pay all the expenses yourselves (or parent or legal representative of a child below the age of 18). It is necessary to come to our department during working hours if your health shape allows it. Here we will request a deposit of 2000 CZK for a basic examination (without X-RAYS - RTG, UZ, CT, MRI, blood tests and any other specialized examinations). In the case of more specialized and complex examinations, we will charge you a deposit based on an individual estimation. After the examination we will calculate the actual expenses and deduct it from your deposit. Either we will return you remaining money or we will charge you for any amount higher than this deposit. You are, as patient, obliged to pay this amount. You can find payment methods here.


  • 2.4. I am client of a private medical facility and I got a recommendation to go to Motol University Hospital

Motol University Hospital cooperates with some private medical facilities, eg. Canadian Medical Care or Unicare. If they request specialized examinations, subsequent or planned hospitalization, they usually contact us ahead and they send us a guarantee letter with a promise to cover expenses. The other possibility is that they will provide you with a written guarantee letter, which you will pass to us personally during your visit. In both cases please come first to our department unless your health shape doesn’t allow it or we are closed. In that case you can go directly to the doctor. 


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