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Planned treatment

Planned treatment is when the patient visits Czch republic with objective to seek treatment or has long-term residence in Czech republic and seeks planned treatment/surgery. Planeed treatment is usually arranged in advance with the healh care provider. There are several ways of payment for planned treatment:

- Planned treatment based on provided valid foreign certificate approving requested care S2 or E112 issued by the instance company in a foreign state. Always pay attention to the range of covered medical help, ambulance transport, accompaniment of hospitalized child. European health instance card usually does not cover most of planned treatment.


Planned care covered by the commercial instance. In this case the patient provides the Dpt. For Foreign Patients with the guarantee of payment from the instance company efore the planned treatment starts. The guarantee of payment must contain informatik about the range of covered treatment.


- Planned treatment of the patient without instance/certificate/guarantee of payment. The patient must cover all expenses directly to the health care provider. Treatment plan (date, clinic, transport et.) as well as payment are settled with the patient in advance in the formo f the contract between the health care provider and the patient. This contract is signed at the Dpt. For Foreign Patients.


If you are interested in the medical tourism, please, clil the link below for more information: https://www.fnmotol.cz/en/medicinska-turistika/



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