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Services not covered by health insurace

Motol University Hospital provides patiens with a number of specific services not covered within the public health instance. Payments for such services patiens arrange at the Department for foreign patiens.


At our Dpt. you can pay for:

  • medical treatment provided to the self-payer;
  • extra services as private ward and/or extra food. More information here:
  • Wi-Fi for hospitalized patients;
  • burn of X-Ray/CT/MRI images on CD (133 CZK)*;
  • a father's presence at a child's birth (688 CZK)*;
  • assisted reproduction (price list here: Assisted reproduction);
  • stomatology (more information here: Stomatology);
  • plastic surgery (more information here: Plastic surgery);
  • accomodation of employees/guests/parents of hospitalized children.

* Price includes VAT 21 %.

Special offer at the Clinic of Internal medicine – preventive internal examination

Clinic of Internal medicine 2nd Faculty of Medicine and Motol University Hospital offers a service of preventive internal examination that is not covered by the public health instance. For more information, please, contact the Department for foreign patiens on phone number +420 224 433 669 Mo-Fr 09:00 – 14:00


Entry examinations

Motol University Hospital provides patients with a posibility of undergoing examinations needed to sign a contract with the instance company.

Contact the Department for foreign patients for more information. At the day of examination you will visit our department, fill in the registration form, pay a deposit and go to the nurse will take your blood for tests and give you an appointment with the doctor for examination and interpreting the results and filling in papers needed for the insurance company. The examination usually takes place the next week after blood sampling.



For more than 10 years the Department for foreign patients organizes tours in Motol University Hopital for external visitors. Tour includes visit of two hospital clinics (depending on group’s request and capacity possiblities of the hospital) and a presentation Informing visitors about the hospital and interesting facts about it.

  • Minimal tour time is 1,5 hours.
  • Registration fee is 280 CZK including VAT 21 % per person.
  • Foreign visitou should bring their own interpreter, who does not pay registration fee.

For more information, please, contact the person in charge: Mgr. Jakub Wichs, jakub.wichs@fnmotol.cz


Accomodation for parents of hospitalized children

We offer you the possibility of accommodation depending on the operation of the clinic.

You can be accommodated directly at the clinic or at the dormitory of Motol University Hospital.

In children under 6 years of age, health insurance covers the accomodation oof the acompaniment;

In children over 6 years of age, the attending physician must suggest if the accompaniment is needed and in indicated cases will forward an application to the medical inspektor of patient’s insurance company. If the application is not approved, parents pay for the accomodation themselves.

The price for one night in a dormitory is 120 CZK including VAT 15% for the first accompanying adult.

The price for one night in a dormitory is 200 CZK including 15% VAT for another accompanying adult.


Motol Accommodation

Motol University Hospital offers its patients a posibility of hotel-type accommodation in a separate newly renovated wing of the dormitory. For more information, please, contact directly the reception of the dormitory by phone: +420 224 437 309.



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