The planned care is one for the purpose of which the foreign insured person came to the Czech Republic in a targeted manner, or has lived in the Czech Republic for a long time and is to undergo planned treatment / intervention. The provision of care is typically arranged in advance with the medical facility. There are several options for reimbursing planned care:

- Planned care based on submitted valid foreign entitlement document form forms S2, or E112 issued by a foreign insurance company. Pay attention to the scope of paid care, ambulance transport, escort of pediatric patients. Most cases of planned care cannot be paid for via the European Insured Card.

- Planned care, which is covered by the patient's commercial insurance company. In this case, it is necessary to have a guarantee from the insurance company with the specification of guaranteed health care before starting the treatment.

- Planned care if the foreign insured person has not submitted any of the claim documents and wants to pay for the planned care as a self-payer. Reimbursement of care will be agreed with the patient before the service is provided, as well as related treatment circumstances (time, place, transport, etc.). It is basically a contract between a foreign patient and a provider. It can be concluded in writing at the Self-Paying Department. The cost of care is charged directly to the patient. He pays directly to the provider.

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