Urgent / acute

If you have an acute health problem, a serious medical condition and a sudden failure of vital functions, you can contact the Emergency Admission Department, the Adult LSPP Emergency Department or the Children's Emergency Intake and LSPP Department.

If you don't valid Czech public health insurance and if you come during the opening hours of the Self-Paying Department, you have to:

- register with the Self-Paying Department.

- contact the insurance company in advance (Uniqa, VZP for foreigners, Ergo, AXA Interpartner, travel insurance);

- take your passport and insurance with you;

- pay a deposit for the treatment, if your treatment is not covered by the insurance company;

- if you hold an European Insured Card, take it with you and check the validity of the card;

Amount of deposit it depends on the expected scope of health care.

After the examination, the patient returns to the Self-Paying Department, where he receives final invoice for the examination.

The patient must take into account that the final amount for the provided health care may exceed the amount of the deposit. In this case, the patient must pay the remaining amount at the counter of the Self-Paying Department.

Outside the opening hours of the Self-Paying Department go directly to the reception of the Emergency Reception (for adults or children), fill in the registration form legibly, the next day we will agree with you on the payment, or you can contact us yourself.

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