Medical tourism

Dear patients,

our department is responsible for the agenda of medical tourism, ie. that you will come to our hospital specifically for planned health care.

Motol University Hospital has a wide range of specializations for pediatric and adult patients. We will contact a specific clinic based on your request. The implementation of a specific requirement always depends on the current capacity of the medical workplace, the scope of health services provided by the specific workplace and the decision of the clinic / department management.

If you are interested in a specialized examination or procedure, please contact us at the e-mail address The condition for further communication is the attached indication from a doctor. In case of a positive answer from the clinic, we will contact you with possible dates, price offer, accommodation options and the like. We reserve the right to refuse examinations for capacity reasons.

A fee is charged for the initial assessment of the documentation according to the scope of the sent medical documentation. After its payment, the documents will be handed over to the relevant clinic for assessment.

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