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Rehabilitation care


The aim of the medical rehabilitation is to minimize neurological and functional deficits  and maximize the return of impaired functions, the use of remaining muscle potential, and the activation of reserve mechanisms in order to reach the highest possible independence and quality of life.


Patients with spinal cord lesions are treated with various approaches of physiotherapy. The common approaches employed by our physiotherapists are: 

  • respiratory physiotherapy
  • passive and active movements
  • soft tissue and joint mobilisation
  • techniques based on neurophysiological principles (Vojta method of reflex locomotion, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, Bobath concept, dynamic neuromuscular stabilization)

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is aimed at maximizing the use of the remaining muscle activity of spinal cord injured patients, training in substitute functional grip, and training of alternative mechanisms of impaired functions in daily living. The objective is a return to a full-value active life. 

Instrumental equipment

  • Lokomat® – device for assisted gait treadmill training with body weight support system and robotic gait orthosis.
  • MOTOmed® – device for passive and active training of the movement of lower and upper limbs
  • Redcord® – suspension system of firm and elastic tensions based on S.E.T. concept
  • RT300® – device for the cyclical movement of lower limbs synchronized with electrodes which stimulate affected muscles (Functional Electric Stimulation)
  • Assistive devices for verticalization, positioning, mechanic wheel-chairs, lifters, overballs, unstable support sufraces, Therabands, and Flexi-bar
  • Equipment for physical therapy (mechanical therapy, thermotherapy, hydrotherapy, phototherapy, electrotherapy), and equipments for breath rehabilitation (Acapella, Flutter)






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