Our team

Over 30 doctors, dozens of nurses, and other workers who care about child patients and their families work in our department.

Many of us have been working on Children's oncology in Motol for many years or even decades. It is our great honor that the medical staff working to this time in our department  had been taught by the Nestors of the field of Paediatric haematology (Professor Otto Hrodek, DrSc.) and Children's oncology (Professor Josef Koutecký, DrSc.).


Head of our department is doc. MUDr. Lucie Šrámková, Ph.D., his medical representatives are primary for haematology MUDr. Vladimír Komrska, CSc. and primary for oncology MUDr. Vratislav Šmelhaus.



Our physicians are pediatricians, oncologists, haematologists and immunologists. Each patient is accompanied by the attending physician, a number of other physicians will be in contact with you during normal operation at the department and during the night service. Meet our doctors.



Our nurses are studied nurses professionally trained in intensive care for children with a malignant disease. Efficient team work of physicians and nurses is a prerequisite for effective care for sick children. We introduce our nurses.



An inherent part of the care of children and their families is the cooperation with psychologists and social workers who help the mental comfort of patients and their loved ones in the difficult period of oncological treatment. We would like to introduce our psychosocial team.



The scientific and research activity of our laboratory center is of paramount importance in the professional care of our patients. Accurate diagnosis, inclusion in the treatment schedule, assessment of treatment response and prognostic features of the disease are determined by our scientists.



Part of complex care for our patients is also detailed analysis and long-term data archiving as well as database management of our patients. The demanding administrative agenda is in charge of our administrative team.


For the sick children take care not only the staff of our department.The condition of comprehensive care for our patients is effective interdisciplinary cooperation.