For patients and families

Dear parents, family and those closest to our patients,

Your life is effected by a very difficult life situation. With the following information we would like to help you cope with the times ahead of you. Help you face all the steps you will be dealing with from the moment of receiving the diagnosis to the process of your child´s treatments.

We will help you better understand your child illness. You will find answers to the endless questions. You will find out what is ahead of you and what to expect in the upcoming months of your childsyou’re your lives during and after the treatment. We will offer you a few suggestions on how to best deal with you new situation and how to come to terms with it.

There is no sense in wasting time trying to figure out why and how did this happen. For you and your child with this diagnosis comes a new life and it is essential, that you look into the future and together find ways to help them get through it.