Psychosocial team

Psychological and therapeutic care of patients and their parents

Oncological diagnosis and anti-cancer therapy represent a burden and many life changes not only for the patient himself but for his whole family. That is why psychosocial care at the department is focused on universal support for families. The main goal is to help with adaptation to the new situation, the subsequent psychological management of the treatment, and the support to cope with all the changes that the treatment brings into the life of patients.

Care is provided by a team of specialist of psychosocial care with focused specialisations.

PhDr. Marie Choniawková

Psychosocial and pedagogical counseling

tel.: +420-22443-6531


Marian Pavlíček, DiS.

Game therapist

tel.: +420-22443-6423


PhDr. Věra Reichlová


tel.: +420-777-650-600


Mgr. Jana Víchová


tel.: +420-22443-6410