Comprehensible information

Who are we?

University Hospital in Motola


224 431 111 – headquarters
224 433 652 or 224 433 653 – emergency children
224 438 590 – adult emergency


V úval 84, Prague 5

How to reach us

from metro line A - Motol Hospital station
from metro line A - station Dejvická by bus number 180
from metro line A - Hradčanská station by bus number 184
from metro line B - station Anděl by bus number 167
from metro line B - Nové Butovice station by buses number 179 or 168
from Hlavní nádraží by tram number 9 direction Anděl and at Anděl change to bus no. 167
night bus number 502

Each building has a barrier-free entrance. There is an elevator in each building.

There are a total of 45 parking spaces at the hospital only for people with disabilities. These persons have free parking.

Communication tablets for deaf people can be borrowed from the emergency room for adults or the emergency room for children.

What are we doing?

What is a hospital?

The hospital is a big house with many rooms and beds. There are sick people called patients in the hospital. There are also doctors and nurses in the hospital. They all take care of the sick to get well.

What is a teaching hospital?

It is a hospital where the sick are treated. It is connected to the university. At university, students study to become doctors. Or nurses. They learn everything about the human body and diseases here. But that's not enough. Students also have to work directly in the hospital where they help the doctors and nurses. For example, examining the sick, learning about diseases, prescribing medicine, caring for patients.

Where can I find my doctor in the hospital?

The hospital has two main buildings: an adult building (blue color) and a children's building (white color). There is Information on the ground floor of each building, and there they will tell me how to get to my doctor or for an examination.

Is there a pharmacy in the hospital?

The pharmacy is a place where I can get prescription drugs from a doctor, or I can buy vitamins, creams, herbal teas and the like, it is in the building where adult patients are treated (blue color).

Information for the sick

Why do people go to the hospital?

People can be sick or injured. Therefore, they need help from doctors. People also come to the hospital because they need to be examined with a special device, or they need important treatment that can only be done in a hospital. Just like when a sick person needs surgery.

Sometimes it can happen that the patient needs to go to the hospital very quickly - for example, if he has an accident, is badly injured, or his medication does not work. In this case, an ambulance can take him to the hospital.

What's going on at the hospital?

Sick people come to the hospital for various reasons. Some have an illness, some are injured. Someone only needs a small and short treatment that can be done in one day. This is called outpatient treatment.

But someone has to stay in a hospital bed overnight or even for several days. This is called hospitalization. The patient is placed on a bed in some ward. There are many departments in the hospital and they have their own names. For example: eye, children's, cardiac, for the elderly, etc.

What happens in the hospital rooms?

Each patient has his own bed and there are more beds in the room and more patients sleep here. The sick are given food and drink.

A doctor talks to patients every day and nurses take care of them. For example, they give them injections, change bandages, help the sick to the toilet.

There is a TV in the room.

What does the patient need to bring when staying in the ward?

  • Recommendation from your doctor
  • Health insurance card
  • Your medicine
  • Pajamas
  • Toothbrush
  • Towel, soap
  • Slippers
  • bathrobe

The lockers are not big, don't bring too many things to the hospital.

What else do you need to know?

Take good care of your personal belongings. You may lose something, or someone may steal something expensive from you, for example: watch, wallet. Therefore, it is better to leave expensive things at home.

What is forbidden to have with you in a hospital room?

Guns, knives, animals, alcohol

Information about clinics and departments

Every patient is different. Patients have various diseases. And any part of the body can get sick. That is why doctors are experts, so that they know as much as possible and can attend to the diseased part of the body in detail.

For example:

  • An ear doctor knows everything about diseases of the ear.
  • An ear doctor works at the Ear, Throat, and Nose Clinic.

An ophthalmologist knows everything about eye diseases. An ophthalmologist works at the Eye Clinic.

The university hospital in Motola has many different clinics and departments. It can thus help almost all patients.

Here you will find all clinics and departments:


Need quick help? Are you in an emergency (someone is injured, in great pain, bleeding profusely, unable to speak)?

Call this number: 155 (emergency number)

The emergency service will want to know from you:

  • Name
  • How many people are injured or sick (one or more)
  • What is the address
  • Your telephone number

Do you still have questions?

Do you have other questions about our hospital? Do you want to ask about a treatment date? Then call us on tel: 224 431 111. We will be happy to help you!

How to get here

METRO – Motol Hospital (terminus of route A)

BUS - Motol Hospital: line 180 (from Dejvická metro station - route A), 184 (from Hradčanská metro station - route A), 167 (from Anděl metro station - route B), 179 and 168 (from Nové Butovice metro station - route B),

CAR - The hospital has a total of 3 entrances - from Kukulova Street, Roentgoenova Street, and V Úval Street. There are several parking lots on the hospital grounds where you can park your car. There are fees for parking. Only those who have a ZTP card and a car with a ZTP card do not pay.


Map link:

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