Foreign and Private Patient Department

Dear clients,

let us welcome you to the website of the Department of Self-Payment of the Motol University Hospital, which should provide you with a basic overview of the services provided by our workplace.

From the administrative point of view, our department takes care of all the hospital's clients who do not have Czech public health insurance or receive services beyond its scope.

You can contact the Self-Paying Department in the following cases in particular:

Are you a foreigner and do not have Czech public health insurance or are you a Czech citizen, but you are logged out of the Czech public health insurance system:

  • you need urgent medical care;
  • you are going for an outpatient examination;
  • you are embarking on a planned procedure;
  • you are interested in above-standard services.

Within our department, payments are collected for:

  • provided health care for self-paying patients;
  • above-standard accommodation and meals;
  • burning X-rays / CT / MRI images to a CD;
  • training the father in childbirth;
  • assisted reproduction;
  • dental services;
  • plastic surgery;
  • accommodation of employees / visits / parents of hospitalized children.

Last but not least, our department organizes excursions at the Motol University Hospital. More information about these and other services can be found here: Services beyond health insurance

The task of our team is to ensure all administration associated with your visit or stay at FN Motol.

Our main goal is for FN Motol to be a place where a sensitive and personal approach to patients is a matter of course and top administrative support is a common standard.

We really appreciate your interest in the care provided in our hospital.

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