Fakultní nemocnice v Motole University Hospital in Motol

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The founders of Motol neurology

One of the founding fathers of the Motol neurology clinic was MUDr. F. Hanzal, who was then working as an assistant professor of Henner´s neurological clinic. As a neurological consultant, he had been handling neurological care at the City Hospital in Motol until 1953. A separate neurological department in our hospital emerged in 1957. MUDr. S. Káš and MUDr. J. Orzságh played major roles in it.

Personalities that shaped our department

Prof. MUDr. K. Mathon became chief doctor at our department in the 1960s. He was one of the famous Czech neurologists, associated with our clinic. After Mathon’s death, prof. Hanzal, an acclaimed expert in the area of neuroinfections and examinations of cerebrospinal fluid, returned to our clinic. Prof. Hanzal left for the head of the Neurology Clinic in ILF Krč position in 1976.

From department to clinic

Doc. MUDr. H. Krejčová, DrSc. was appointed as a head of the department. Soon after her appointment, our department became the Pediatrics Clinic. Doc. Krejčová led our clinic from 1976 till the end of 1992. She was engaged mainly in the development of vestibulological and electrophysiological laboratories, as well as disorders of body equilibrium research on European level.


MuDr. M.Bojar, CSc, has been head of our clinic since 1993. Along with his colleagues, he follows the best tradition of the Czech and Slovak schools of neurology.



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