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Heart surgery department for adult patients was founded in 1993 by a team of doctors and nurses from the child cardiocenter, under the management of Doc. MUDr. Tomáš Honěk, CSc. Wide knowledge of founders and efficient multi-source financing (reserves of University Hospital, a subsidy and grant from the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, and a gift given by Dr. Jaroslav Stark from Great Ormond Street Hospital in London) enabled establishment of a cardioanaesthesiological group under the management of Doc. MUDr. Karel Cvachovec, CSc., and the surgical part of the bank of allotransplants of human valves with nationwide effect.

Moving to modern premises

The department moved to its final location in the new building of University Hospital Motol in 1997. Mudr. Petr Pavel, CSc, became head of the clinic in 2003. Under his management, the team of cardiosurgeons, intensivists and cardiologists carries out around 900 cardiosurgical operations per year, which is the second highest number in Prague after the IKEM. The department of cardiovascular surgery was incorporated into the Cardiovascular Center in 2006, and Prof. MUDr. Vaněk, DrSc, was appointed its head.


Entire range of cardiosurgery and vascular surgery operations are performed at the workplace. The department provides non-stop service for patients with heart and vascular diseases, and takes part in a program of lung transplantations as well as a program of preparation of allotransplants from the Bank of Human Valves of the Center for Transplantations.

For more information please visit http://www.kardio-motol.cz.



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