Deepening and raising the level of professional knowledge of non-medical health professionals and other health professionals with a focus on vocational education and training in managerial skills

Registration number: CZ.1.04 / 1.1.00 / 46.00001

Brief description of the project: The aim of the project was to introduce a system of deepening knowledge and increasing the level of professional knowledge in the created system of accredited workplaces focused on professional non-medical health education and education in managerial skills intended for non-physicians. This system of education led to the efficient use of human resources according to the level of education achieved, acquired knowledge and competencies. Educational events took place in 2010-2013.

Within the project supported by the Operational Program Human Resources and Employment, the University Hospital in Motol (Department of Nursing and Independent Department of Education) was the supplier of the educational event:

Certified course for training clinical practice mentors and specialist education trainers

The course took place from 04. 01. to 15. 06. 2012. Graduates of the certified course have acquired professional competence for direct pedagogical activities in the scope of independent leadership, coordination and evaluation of practical teaching and professional practice in nursing or midwifery for middle, higher professional and university students. schools and specialization education in their field of specialization. Graduates of the certified course will therefore apply as:

  • mentors of clinical practice within the qualification education of health care workers in nursing professions at secondary, higher vocational and higher education institutions;
  • trainers of theoretical and practical part of specialized education of general nurses and midwives;
  • trainers of the theoretical and practical part of accredited qualification courses for the training of paramedics, nurses and nurses;
  • trainers job adaptation of school graduates.

Main researcher of the project: PhDr. Daniel Jirkovský, Ph.D., MBA, Department of Nursing, Charles University, 2nd Faculty of Medicine and Motol University Hospital.

More information about the project can be found at:

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