Job security in a large and prosperous hospital

1. Promoting professional growth

a. We support the study of non-medical health professionals in follow-up bachelor's and master's degree programs related to the profession.

b. We support and for the most part carry out specialized training of general nurses, medical laboratory technicians and other non-medical professions at our own workplaces.

c. We support specialized education of doctors, dentists, pharmacists. The hospital in most fields independently provides the entire practical part of education, ie without the need to complete longer internships (internships) in other medical facilities.

d. We also support other forms of lifelong learning for health professionals (participation in conferences, congresses, symposia, seminars, certified and professional courses, etc.).

2. Financial evaluation

  1. Tariff salary according to valid legislation
    1. salary class according to the achieved education and the intensity of the work performed
    2. grade according to length of experience
  2. Surcharges
    1. personal for good work results
    2. for leadership
    3. for work at night, on Saturday, on Sunday and on public holidays
    4. for shift work
    5. for working in a difficult working environment
  3. Rewards
    1. for on-call time
    2. for extraordinary work performance
    3. jubilee

3. Vacation

a. 5 weeks of regular leave

b. additional leave for employees who are permanently exposed to a direct risk of infection, ionizing radiation or work with the mentally ill or mentally handicapped at work

c. 3 extra paid days off

4. Boarding in own dining room

a. breakfast

b. lunches - choice of 4 ready meals + 3 minutes, desserts, salad bar, drinks. snacks and dinners - baguettes, plates, frozen foods. canteen open daily. Meal price for employees: soup CZK 5,50, main course CZK 19,80, minute 42,90 CZK, 200 g salad CZK 12,50

5. Hostel for those outside Prague

Prices from 2 074 Kč (double room - double cell without balcony) up to 7 228 Kč (single room 24 m2) per month.


6. Contributions from FKSP

a. recreation, tours, healing stays for employees, healing stays and camps for employees' children

b. tickets for cultural, educational, sports, sports events, Multisport card

c. massages, rehabilitation, exercises

d. dental hygiene and dental prevention, optics (contact lenses, prescription glasses, special aids)

e. supplementary pension insurance, 50% contribution to the annual public transport coupon (Lítačku)

f. interest-free loans and social assistance

7. Own recreational facilities

a. Pension Honzíček in Dolní Malá Úpa (Giant Mountains)

b. Cottage Žalý (Giant Mountains)

c. Cottages in Slapy (Přestavlky)


8. Sports equipment rental

a. skis, ski boots (downhill and cross-country), ski bags, roller skates

b. tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, deck chairs, mats

c. backpacks, rucksacks, camping chairs and tables

d. car box

9. Motoláček's own kindergarten

For more information, see

10. We are a group - together:

a. we run - we train and race

b. we go - every first Saturday of the month

c. we sing - we founded the AcorD choir

12. We cooperate with Médecins Sans Frontières

We provide employees with time off to participate in the mission.

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