Overview of regulatory fees

At FN Motol you pay the following regulatory fees:

Emergency fee: 90 CZK
(fee is payable on weekdays from 16:00 to 7:00, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays all day)

90,- CZK - for emergency service (the patient pays CZK 90 once within one medical facility and it is not decisive whether he will be provided with one or more clinical examinations or whether, for example, only an injection is given). In the case of hospitalization, payment of CZK 90 is not required.

Fees of CZK 90 can be paid at cash desks or at vending machines at the Motol University Hospital. Invoices for hospitalization fees or for unpaid CZK 90 fees can be paid in cash at the Motol University cash desk. We allow card payments at several checkouts in the adult section. Otherwise, it is possible to pay by non-cash bank transfer or postal order (all necessary details for payment are given on the invoice). If the invoice is lost, the relevant amount can be paid to the account number 17937051/0710 and write the patient's birth number without a slash in the variable symbol. If you have any questions or problems, write to:  mzdp@fnmotol.cz

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