Information for job seekers from outside the EU

A foreigner can only apply for a job that is published on the portal of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic as suitable for foreigners and is unoccupied for more than 1 month.

The condition for employment of a foreigner from countries outside the EU in the Czech Republic is a work and residence visa employee's card.

A foreigner applies for an employment card at the embassy of the Czech Republic in his or her home country. The application is accompanied by: a passport, a photograph, a confirmation of accommodation in the Czech Republic, an employment contract with an employer in the Czech Republic, an extract from the criminal record and a medical certificate not older than 6 months. Also proof of professional competence.

The employee card is issued for a period of employment, for a maximum of 2 years.

If a foreigner is applying for a medical position (doctor, nurse, laboratory assistant, etc.), he still has to get one decision on recognition of competence to practice the medical profession in the Czech Republicissued by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, namely:

- for a definite period of time for a maximum of 1 year on the basis of an invitation from a medical facility in the Czech Republic to acquire professional knowledge or practical experience,

- for an indefinite period on the basis of passing an approbation test.

In both cases, it is necessary to nostrify the acquired medical education and knowledge of the Czech language at level 2a.

More information on the recognition of qualifications of non-EU health professionals

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